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In today's world there is a huge variety of batteries used in every aspect of our lives, but the most popular are the car bateries. In this article we will pay a little more attention to them.

What are the different types of car batteries?

There are many types, but most commonly used are:

  •  Calcium.

- They have a certain amount of calcium added to reduce the water steam. The common marking is Ca / Ca. Some manufacturers even add some silver to reduce resistance and to increase efficiency;

  •  Hybrid.

- They are labeled with Ca + or Ca / Sb. Technology of electrodes production is different. Positive, for example, are with antimony additive, and negative – with calcium. In this type of battery was made an attempt to combine the advantages of these two batteries;

  •  AGM и GEL.

- They are produced by AGM and GEL technologies and their electrolyte is in bound form. This means that here there is an attempt to increase safety during operation. You know that in regular models in case of bursting the body or rolling over, a fluid containing sulfuric acid may leak, which is an aggressive and dangerous to the human body substance. This problem is solved by an electrolyte in a connected state;

  •  Alkaline.

- They don’t use acid but an alkaline electrolyte. Despite the variety of batteries, there are only two types used in the car industry - nickel-cadmium and nickel-iron. The first have coverage of positive electrodes NiO(OH), and the negative represent a mixture of iron and cadmium;

  •  Lithium-ion (Li-ion).

- These are the most promising ones to serve as additional sources of power. The ions in the lithium carry the power.

How to choose a car battery?

As we all know, there is nothing eternal so at some point this component has to be replaced as many others. At this point many car owners are asking the logical question “How to choose a car battery?” To make the right choice, you should know a little bit about some features such as capacity, inrush current, size.

The capacity unit is Ah (ampere hours). Generally, for petrol engines 35-55 Ah are enough. For diesel motors 80-120 Ah is recommended. In some cases even 140 Ah.
The next important feature is the inrush current. If it is larger than the recommended for the particular car, it is quite likely to ignite the starter. The unit of measurement is ampere(A).

Dimensions of the housing. It is important upon selection to comply with the size of the body, and if possible, to buy a similar to the previous one.

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